Must haves

Everybody has their list of Must haves in their barn or tack room.   Let’s not talk about the “big” things, like saddles, bridles, helmets.   What are your everyday items you use, that you ALWAYS have on hand in your tack room?  And why?

My 5 Must haves
  1.  A hoof pick with a thick handle.   Years ago I didn’t care what the hoof pick was like, if it did the job, but today my hands hurt when I try to grip a skinny hoof pick.  So for me FAT it is !!
  2. A really STIFF brush with bristles is another of my Must haves.   I  have 10 different brushes, but I only have ONE I love and use for almost everything.   A good stiff brush can be used in place of a curry to get off most mud.  A stiff brush can give a good “scratch” to your horses “itchy spots”.   I love my STIFF brush for tails, because I’m very picky about what is used on my horses tails.  I hate mane/tail combs, therefore a good stiff brush can be used on tails to get out knots and not damage hair.
  3. Double Ended Snaps.  Next to Baler twine and Duct Tape, Double Ended Snaps are a must have.

    The snaps can fix X-ties and hold up water buckets.  The snaps can be used to secure stall doors.  Double Ended snaps can replace snaps on blankets and sheets.  Double Ended snaps can be used to attach a stud chain to a lead rope.  You get the idea, they have lots of uses!
  4. Gloves.  I have gloves of every kind all over the place!  Gloves and sunglasses are my things !!  I need gloves to ride in.  Gloves for when it’s cold, Gloves for when it’s colder.  Disposable gloves are needed for doing “icky” chores, like cleaning sheaths, or apply meds. I even have waterproof gloves.
  5. Winter helmet cover.  This item only gets seasonal use.  When it’s cold though–It can really keep you warm.  It’s also VERY inexpensive.  My current one is pink.  Pink is not MY color, but it does the job !! 
    So that’s my list of MUST HAVES.   Tell me what your Must haves are and why?  I’m feeling a need to make a tack shop run….

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  1. I thinknif you have a horse you get an aitomatic addiction to tack and buying more! Agree on hoof pick….i like thick handles and it has to have a brush on the end too. Brushes, yes…. you can never havr too many, i have a shedder tool i love too. Gloves- check….i love the ssg brand and i always have an extra pair on hand. Saddle pads! And more saddle pads. They sweat on them, they get dirty, and you need one of every color or varieties of your favorite color! A good fitting helmet! I hated my first one. It hurt my head and gave me a headache……love my current one! I wont ride without my helmet!

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