Sevens Ripple Glo

I’ve had lots of favorite horses in my lifetime, but  Sevens Ripple Glo is definitely in the top!  Rip  was a registered American Quarter Horse.  He was a big bodied 16.2 hand Chestnut gelding, who was 5 or 6 years old when we first met..

Our first meeting

I went with a student and her family to check out a potential new horse, for the student.  We liked him almost immediately.  During my test ride on him, as I was asking for a flying lead change,  I got to experience Rips signature move!  A BUCK !!  Later I would learn that that first buck from Rip was nothing!

A little history

Nevertheless, we all fell in love with Sevens Ripple Glo.  The student bought him and he came home to my barn.  His new owner took Rip to lots of horse shows.  They did Hunters, Dressage, Evented and even did some Jumpers.  Rip did everything asked of him with lots of enthusiasm and occasionally his famous bucks!  It was no surprise that his teenage owner and him were winning ribbons and year end awards most of the time.   Rip and his rider were a VERY talented duo.  Unfortunately when graduation time came Rip was sold, as his owner went to college.  A very large piece of me, was very sad, when he left my barn.

Fast forward

Several years later I saw Sevens Ripple Glo for sale and bought him!  I was hoping now, in his mid teens that he would have toned down his enthusiastic nature, a little…  Nope, and being a lesson horse wasn’t really HIS THING.  I competed on him, one season at 2nd and 3rd level.  FUN HORSE !

Another student fell in love with Rip, around that time and I sold him to her.  Once again Rip had a teenager head over heels in love with him.  He thrived on attention and competition.  He was always “up and ready to go”!   When this student was ready to move on I bought Rip, again.

Finally now in his early 20’s he was slightly more mellow.  An older woman leased him, and he worked a little in my lesson program.

At age 25 he competed, for the last time at CBLM Championships in VA.  Fortunately thru out his career, Rip had very few injuries or health issues.  But in his 26th year he developed an Auto-Immune disease and we humanely “put him down” a few months later.

I would never say this, while Sevens Ripple Glo was still alive–But I was one of his few riders that he never managed to BUCK OFF.   There was one buck, where I saw his left hind foot at my eye level, and had he chosen to put in buck #2…I would have “eaten dirt”.

Rest In PEACE   Sevens Ripple Glo, you were ONE OF THE BEST…

If any of you remember Rip, please comment and share your memories of him.


12 Replies to “Sevens Ripple Glo”

  1. Omg I remember him! He was so sweet! I only got to hop on him once real quick. (Something tells me him and I would have clashed) but I always wanted to ride him! Anyone that competed on him always won!!!!

    1. You can ride a buck better than most ! It would have been fun to see who won–YOU or RIP ! Wish you had been able to compete on him–You would have LOVED him too !

  2. I adored Rip, although I don’t think that I ever actually rode him. I guess I have a thing for chestnut geldings with big personalities! I’m sad to hear of his passing but it sounds like he had a wonderful life in and out of your barn!

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