Pulling a horses mane

I hate the job of pulling a horses mane.  It’s very rewarding though to see a neatly pulled mane.  Owners and Students often say to me “But I like their long manes”.  If you are going to a show though, you need to present a neat and tidy horse.  In the disciplines that we compete in, that means having a neatly pulled mane.  My reply to those that like a longer mane, has always been “When in Rome do as the Romans”.  That means Pulling a horses mane, if you are going to compete in Hunter or Dressage.

Benefits of a Pulled Mane

No it won’t make your horse perform better, but it shows the judge you have taken the time to sufficiently prepare your horse for competition.

If you are braiding with traditional hunter braids or dressage braids, pulling the horses mane will make braiding easier.

It can make seeing your diagonals (especially for a novice rider) a lot easier.

Tools for the job

This is a Solo Pulling Comb.  When I first learned to pull a horse’s mane (back in the stone age) these didn’t exist.   I learned about pulling a horses mane using the old metal pulling combs.

I’m in love with the Solo Pulling Combs.  They are quicker, more efficient and generally don’t agitate the horse as much.  Learning to use either comb though, will take some practice and maybe even watching a tutorial or having an experienced friend guide you.

When pulling a horses mane, I prefer to have it slightly longer, than the norm. The old school was the mane should be 4 fingers wide in length.  Maybe I just don’t have “nimble” enough fingers, but I find 6 fingers works better for me.  Beginner “braiders” generally find the slightly longer length, easier too.

Currently all of my lesson horse look like “broodmares” with their long untidy manes.  With show season just around the corner, that will have to change!  Manes will have to be pulled.  Anyone wanting to practice their pulling mane skills–Just let me know!!  I have horse and ponies you can practice on !!


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  1. I love pulling manes and love the solo comb too! Pulling manes to me is spending time with my horse…..braiding her is more time spent bonding with her! And they look so well put together when doing dressage tests when they are braided too!

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