German Shepherd Dogs and Horses

I guess after so many years, I shouldn’t be surprised at how many people i meet that have both German Shepherd Dogs and Horses.   My husband and I have been  breeding GSD for over a decade now.  Obviously we love the breed !  They are smart (which can be good and bad)!  German Shepherds are easy to train.  The breed in general is very loyal.

Often times people who are unaccustomed to GSD think they are mean or temperamental.  When I am asked about the temperament I ALWAYS say “MY GERMAN SHEPHERDS DIDN’T GET THE MEMO THAT THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE BIG, MEAN, BAD DOGS.  MY GSD THINK THEY ARE MORE LIKE GOLDEN RETRIEVERS”  My dogs will definitely sound ferocious when you knock on our door!  When you come in, then they will LICK YOU TO DEATH!  I hope no potential burglars are reading this!!

Many of my clients also have German Shepherd Dogs and Horses.  If I were to do a survey among my horse clients as to what breed of dog they have, the number would weigh heavily in favor of GSD.   Yesterday I had a litter of our puppies at my vets office for their 6 week check up, shots, etc.  A man walked in with a beautiful Black and Silver GSD.  As we were talking, I find out that he has also has horses.

To me, it just seems natural to have both GSD and horse.  Horse people are active and “outdoorsey” and that is what German Shepherds love.  My Noelle, lives to be outside with me, when I’m teaching lessons.  She will lay patiently beside me, while I’m teaching.  But…When I’m done or on a break, she wants to chase ANYTHING!   Her favorite things to chase are cones.  When I throw a cone she’s ON IT!  And when the game is over, she will just stare at the cone–hoping it will move on it’s own.


Funny or Maybe just odd story about Noelle, is her hate for Television sports, especially FOOTBALL.  None of my other dogs are even aware, when my TV is turned on.  Noelle ALWAYS is.  She HATES football!  I’m thinking it’s because my husband and I tend to get a little loud and animated while watching the STEELERS (shout out to our 6 time Super Bowl Champions).  When football comes on the TV–Noelle immediately looks at the TV and leaves the room.  You can not convince her to come back in, until the sports are off the TV.  She will look at the TV and really scrutinize it too, before coming back in!  Even if we are quiet when Football is on the TV, Noelle is GONE.  She also knows the word FOOTBALL.  If I say that word, she’s GONE.

If you want too see more pics of our German Shepherd Dogs and Horses you can go to my website  and then go to the OUR DOGS page to see pics of our “herd”.

I’d love to hear from you, if you too have GSD and horses

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  1. I also have a German Shepard named Molly who we got from Betty Johnson she will be 3 in Sept and her favorite toy is balls Molly will get her ball and drop at our feet or in our lap to play Molly is very protective ,smart and loves her little sister and big brother who happen to be beagles.We also have 2 horse a black quarter horse Diablo and Cash is a paint .My daughter barrel races Cash but sometimes Diablo gets to go to shows .Cash is her main barrel racer they have won many awards and money and occasionally when Molly was a pup and little we would take her to the shows with us ,she liked being with the horses.Will always have a gs love the breed .

  2. Guilty as charged! A client of Our blogger and owner of two GSD’s and a horse (shes a half Arabian). Wouldnt have my life any other way !

  3. Do you have a black Arab and a GSD? I find that to be a very popular combo because they are both so beautiful!! Noelle is adorable. It’s so funny how people like dogs can be sometimes. I really like your page!

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