Rising or Posting Trot. What say you ?

So which term do you use? Rising or Posting Trot. What say you?  I mostly use the term RISING.  I guess because if I’m teaching a beginner about it, the term Rising is something they already understand; as opposed to the term Posting, which a rider is not going to immediately get.   Rising means “get up”, so that gives students a bit of a clue.  And then the term just carries over into my teaching of more advanced riders.

In Dressage though the term Rising is used.  I’m probably dating myself now, because the wording is different today, but…Back in the “day” there were tests that began with “A enter working trot RISING” OR “H-X-F lengthen stride in trot RISING”.  Today both Training and First Levels may be ridden either sitting or rising.  In fact there is a note at the top of the tests that says “All trot work may be ridden sitting or RISING unless otherwise stated.”  Inserting the word POSTING there would sound funny, cause it’s just not said that way by “us dressage folk!”

I do teach riders that are headed to their first Hunter show to expect the word POSTING (in lieu of Rising) to be called out by the announcer, and that it means the same thing.

funny story

I was at a hunter show with a very young rider, I think she was maybe just 7 or 8 years old.  This was her first horse show and she was just doing a Walk / Trot flat division.  I had prepared her for hearing the term Posting instead of Rising.  I was confident she would be fine when she would hear the term Posting.  However…I hadn’t clued MOM in on this change of terminology!  So when this young rider was in the ring, and the announcer said “POSTING TROT, ALL GO INTO POSTING TROT” this young rider did what she was supposed to do, and began her rising trot.

Well Mom who was on the other side of the Arena, from where I was standing, starts yelling at her daughter STAND UP, STAND UP !!  Unfortunately the rider was closer to where Mom was standing and hearing her Mom telling her to STAND UP, she assumed she missed hearing something sooooo  she goes into her TWO POINT POSITION.  Poor Mom got confused when she heard a new term “Posting”, and mistakenly gave her daughter wrong advice !  So now I try to make sure the parents are clued in as well ! Rising or Posting Trot.

Which term are you accustomed to using?  And tell me your background is it hunter or dressage?  Rising or Posting Trot–What say you?  I’ll be curious to see if there is a connection…


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  1. Im a dressage diva so rising is how i was taught and what i know! I agree posting would sound funny when a dressage test is read.

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