Horse KNOW DOWN in my living room !

When I invite newcomers to their first horse KNOW DOWN, their  response is usually a “HO DOWN”?  a  “NO what”?  It’s a KNOW DOWN.   I got the idea many years ago, when I was invited to teach at a PONY CLUB camp.  I’ve been having the KNOW DOWN ever since.  The KNOW DOWN is always in February.  February is my least favorite month. February is cold and dark and dreary.  In February football season is over, Horse show season hasn’t  begun, so it’s a perfect time of year to get together with students and learn !  In it’s infancy stage different students would host the annual February event in their homes.  For the last 20+ years I host it, in my living room.


But you ask–What is the  horse KNOW DOWN?  The Know Down is  a horsey type game played similar to Jeopardy.  Students are put into teams, according to their horse knowledge level. Then they get to pick a category. HORSE HEALTH, BREEDS, DRESSAGE, EQUITATION are just a few of the choices.  Students then  choose a question in that category.  Students can choose to answer the question themselve for the full point value.  If they are unsure they may request help from their teammates for half the value.  Parents of students as well as spouses are also encouraged to come and play–we have slightly easier categories for them!  We play for an hour or so and then there are a few Bonus questions at the end to help boost the points.  The winner gets BRAGGING RIGHTS till the next year!  Oh and the admission price–Everyone brings a snack, baked good, appetizer or ??  And after the questions and the announcement of the winning team–We all get to pig out !