Echo, living the good life at age 39

Echo is a 39  year old equine and  has been a staple here at our farm for MANY years.  He came here as a young 5 year old, that was back in 1984.  That makes him 39 years old this spring !   He’s not much to look at,  just a 14.1 hand chestnut pony, but I can’t imagine him not being here.

Echo’s history

Echo’s  been thru a few owners while here.  First owner who brought him here, had dreams of him being her show horse. The owner had some personal problems and that necessitated his sale.  Another woman bought him, pretty much just to give her nieces pony rides.  That didn’t last for long as that owner ran into financial problems and was forced to sell him. Actually she just gave him away.

Echo did leave here at that point, but was only gone for 2 or 3 days.  The people who took him to their home, had a run in shelter.  I believe it was too small for the number of horses using it and as Echo was adjusting to this new life, he kicked at another horse in the run in shed, pretty severely injuring it.  These new owners contacted me and said “If you don’t come get him out of here–WE WILL KILL HIM!  So…Echo came back home.  So technically I owned him for a few days, until I found a student who wanted him.  He’s been with this owner now for probably close to 30 years.  In the beginning of their partnership she rode him, then he eventually became her pet.

Most of his life, he was sound and healthy.  He has had a thyroid condition from the day we first met him, but that’s always been controlled with daily med’s.  Over the years he has developed a heart murmur and he bowed a tendon , and for the most part now he doesn’t see or hear very well.  But he still kicks up his heels, when he’s turned out in his familiar paddock and he loves the attention he gets from everyone!

A Toast to Echo

We are hoping he gets to spend many more years here, gracing our farm with his quiet ever steady presence.   To Echo ….