If you practice horseback riding

If you practice horseback riding, you could get to be that good.  That was a statement said at a horse show, by a father of one of my students.  It was really hard not to just burst out laughing at that time.

Let me share though what happened, leading up to Dad saying “If you keep practicing your riding”.


My assistant instructor was sitting on her horse, Johnny,  just outside of the In Gate.  Near her was a lightweight table with a huge box of ribbons.   All of a sudden this big gust of wind, seemingly comes from nowhere and picks the lid up off of the box.  Ribbons go flying everywhere and the table even blows over.  Johnny is not amused and does a 360 spin.   I bet he wanted to just bolt and run off. There were literally ribbons all thru the air. That kinda foiled his plans of high tailing it out of here! So in an effort to avoid the flying ribbons, he literally does a 360 spin.

Now Johnny’s  rider, who is very accomplished, was also taken totally off guard by this, manages to stay on thru most of the spin.  But the momentum of it and the suddenness of this, picks her legs both up and she is swinging above the saddle.  It was actually kind cool to watch !  About 2 seconds later when the spin is done the rider is actually standing on the ground, by Johnny’s shoulder, holding the reins, as if nothing ever happened!!  We just look at each other and are both thinking WOW, THIS COULD HAVE ENDED SOOOO DIFFERENTLY !!

In conclusion

We knew it was nothing more than dumb luck, that allowed her to land, on her feet, looking very in control !  And that’s when Dad said to his young daughter If you practice horseback riding you could b that good someday !”