Cold Feet

Do you ever get Cold Feet?  I have in lots of ways!  Like Cold Feet, when I’m getting ready to try something new.  Cold feet showing a young horse for the first time.   Cold feet Making a speech or public speaking.

This post is about PURE and SIMPLY  cold feet.  The kind you get when you are out in this freezing cold weather.  Many years of being outside in the cold temps teaching lessons, I’ve had cold feet.   I’ve tried practically everything to keep my feet warm.

What I’ve tried

I’ve tried, with varying degrees of success  Battery operated socks, insulated socks, heavy socks, 3 pairs of socks, wool socks. I’ve tried expensive winter boots and baggies over my socks.  Tried little heating things you shake and then put in your gloves or boots.  Each  has worked a little, depending on how long I was out.

My discoveries:

What I’ve discovered that works for me are thin socks.    Thin socks  work inside a pair of good insulated boots.   The reason this works is warm air can now surround your foot.  If the shoe/boot is filled with sock material, there is no room for warm air to circulate.  This sounds contradictory to what most of us have been told.  This is what I’ve done for years though.  I can honestly say IT WORKS.  I’m also in love with my OVATION WINTER RIDING BOOTS.   They are reasonably priced at roughly $50.-  They offer great traction.  When I wear a thin pair of socks inside them my feet stay warm outside for hours !

Last winter  I was dealing with a severely pulled Achilles tendon and had to wear an Achilles boots on my right foot.  Obviously I couldn’t wear a winter boot.   I found some “booties” on Amazon (I could go on and on about my love affair with Amazon!) that zip up over your foot, they are made for Hunters, to keep their feet warm.  Now they are very difficult to walk in.  but…I had no choice in the snow and cold, wearing just an Achilles boot would have gotten me frost bite in minutes !  Walking outside on uneven ground was a challenge anyways. So upping the level of difficulty wasn’t really a big deal, by adding this hunting bootie.   And my foot stayed warm!

I’m anxious though to hear what’s worked and hasn’t worked for others–So please feel free to share your tricks and tips !

One more tip–When you are riding in the cold weather, take your feet out of the stirrups every so often and move your foot around to get the circulation going into your toes–IT HELPS !

Here’s the link to the Ovation Winter Riding Boots