Get your heels down more

Do you want to get your heels down more? I’m not really into gimmicks or fads.  When I saw the Equicube advertised a year or so ago it really “spoke” to me.   Its claim that it could help lots of rider problems sounded very promising.   I’ve owned it for a while now and I DO like it.  Yes it can help strengthen a riders core muscles, and I’ve found that it really keeps a riders hands way more quiet.  The horses also seem to like it, because the rider is not fussing so much.

But where I saw the most dramatic improvement was with riders heels.   One student in particular just had the worst time, getting her heels down.  The normal advice I gave, the normal exercises I would suggest just were not getting thru to this rider.  But after about 10 minutes of carrying the EQUICUBE this rider started to finally drop her weight down into her heels and she actually began to stretch her leg and lowering her heels!   The EQUICUBE conveyed the message, that I wasn’t able to convey.  That’s all it took was those 10 minutes.  Once she was able to lower the heel, now everything that I was telling her started to make sense.  And she  now had a point of reference as to what i wanted her legs/body/heel to do.   This rider only used the EQUICUBE that one time.  I’ve had other riders who ride with it on a semi-regular basis, to help develop better core muscles.

In conclusion

It’s a tool, that I’m sure I will use many times over the coming years.  I believe its also come down in price, from when i first bought it.  Product helps to get your heels down more.


Anyone else have an opinions good or bad on the EQUICUBE?