Water and these FRIGID temps

Are we all ready for warm weather, yet? Dealing with Water makes me ready ! After our recent round of temps below zero, in the single digits and low teens–I AM ! I made a comment recently on Facebook that i wanted to move to Florida and become a wealthy heiress !  That’s how OVER this frigid weather I am!

Keeping the horses well hydrated can be a challenge in these temps.  My approach to dealing with our horses is very basic.  I give them fresh water at least 3 times a day.  Knock the ice that does accumulate in their buckets out, before it starts to take over.  We do use a hammer to hit the buckets, to get that ice out.  Here’s a tip to using a hammer on water buckets.  Don’t hit the bucket with a hammer the way you would use a hammer to hit a nail on the head.  Use the side of the hammer on the bucket–you will be way less likely to put a hole in the bucket that way!

Knowing your horse

It also pays to know your horse, as far as how much water they will drink, so you are not giving them more than they will drink.  For example we have a large pony here that is almost 40 years old.  He NEVER drinks much.  If I were to give him a full bucket of water on a frigid day, he would have an almost full bucket of ice in a very short period.  It’s more beneficial to him to only give him a half bucket, and it saves us having to break a lot of ice, from his bucket.

I don’t use electric heaters in our outside troughs.  In the past I have, but I’ve always worried about potential problems of animals, water and electricity.  I’m sure lots of you have done this or do this and it’s perfectly fine.  But for me, I would worry too much–so it’s just not right for me.  Instead I just fill the troughs to an amount just slightly more than I know they will drink in an 8 hour period, and then I refill.

I’d love to hear though about any unique tips or ways any of you deal with water in the COLD temps.  So please share away !

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