Welcome !! How it all began–Horse was my first word

Welcome to my blog.  I’ve often had people ask “Have you been involved with horses a long time?”  My answer has always been “my mom said MY FIRST WORD WAS HORSE”.  I didn’t come from a horsey family, but the horsey lifestyle was somehow genetically ingrained in me.

Younger Years

My toys when I was very young were my FARM SET.  Horses in particular were my favorite!  I got my first pony when I was 6 years old.  That was over 50 years ago !  However I do claim to only be 28 years old.  In my childhood years I learned, got hurt, learned more, still got hurt, learned even more and eventually I started learning from my mistakes.  I’ve been a professional now in the horse industry for almost 40 years.  I still claim to be only 28 years old, so don’t try and do the math !

My primary focus has always been the ENGLISH disciplines, even though I started out riding Western.  I did Hunters early on in my career, and soon got involved with Dressage, which has been my passion.  I have competed thru 4th level.  But my even “bigger” passion has been teaching.

Yes, teaching dressage lessons are exciting and challenging, but I also love just teaching RIDING, you know to riders, who are not yet ready to pick a discipline, but want to learn about balance, equitation and just horses in general.  I’ve also been privileged to work with students with special needs.  I’ve often said “they are the highlight of my week!”

So in this blog I hope to answer questions about horses, such as Safety which has always been a big priority with me, Training tips and advice.  Info on horse care and tack, as well as Product Reviews will be addressed.  And I hope to share some stories from my own personal journey in the horse world, as well as stories about the many horses and riders I’ve encountered along the way.  I’m hoping you will enjoy and stop back often to see WHAT’S HAPPENING AT THE BARN !


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